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Saint-Tropez, a commune of the Var department in the French Riviera, got its name from a martyr named Saint Torpes who was said to have been beheaded during the reign of Nero. This picturesque enclave has its share of history. Along with the Roman Empire period, the area now known as Saint Tropez endured Muslim occupation, had its own period of self-government during the 16th century, and French national control asserted by Louis XIV in 1672.

Since then, Saint-Tropez eventually became an unassuming French fishing village and didn’t get much notice until World War II, when it became the first town in the French Mediterranean to be liberated of German occupation by Allied forces.

Culturally, Saint-Tropez, which since the early 20th century became known as a resort town among A-List Frenchmen & women, got international notice during the 1950s, when films such as “And God Created Women” (with French film star Brigitte Bardot) were made there. Since then, Saint-Tropez became, and still is, a magnet for wealthy and famous visitors, with some calling it the “Marbella of France” for the stream of pricey sports cars that often go through its streets, and world-class yachts that often find themselves parked there. The fact that at least some of Saint-Tropez’s beaches are topless, as well as having a wild nightlife, only add to the area’s allure.

Even though Ibiza (Spain) has drawn in 20-something-year-old House & Trance music partygoers in recent years, Saint-Tropez still retains its appeal among more mature European and international travelers, especially those connected to the fashion world, who occasionally hold events there. 5 million tourists visit Saint-Tropez annually. Of course, given its French Riviera location, Saint-Tropez is just a short drive away from other area attractions – from Nice to Monaco, and the Italian Riviera further in. The continuing stream of upper income visitors, regardless of origin, justify the existence of many yacht charter firms, top-end estate agencies, pricey restaurants and big-ticket designer boutiques within Saint-Tropez.